Rho Gammas

A Rho Gamma is an upperclassman chapter member who has temporarily disaffiliated from her chapter to guide potential new members (PNMs) through the formal recruitment process and serve as an unbiased resource. Each PNM that registers for formal recruitment will be assigned a Rho Gamma in fall to begin learning about the process and Greek life on campus before recruitment begins in January. 

Cassidy P.

Hometown: Andover, MA

Major: Leadership Studies and History

Fun Fact: I've been to 6 continents and 36 countries!

"I had such an amazing Rho Gamma when I went through recruitment and I'm so excited to help support each PNM with the same kind of love and thoughtfulness so they can find their home in the Greek community."


Hometown: Cranford, NJ

Major: Business Administration, Concentration in Marketing

Fun Fact: I studied abroad in Sydney, Australia!

"I'm looking forward to forming relationships with PNMs and helping them have a positive recruitment experience!"


Hometown: Beverly, MA

Major: Computer Science

Minor: Spanish

Fun Fact: I love lobster rolls!

"I'm excited to be a Rho Gamma to provide the same supportive and welcoming environment that my Rho Gamma gave me during recruitment."

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Hometown: Northfield, IL

Major: Environmental Studies

Minor: Business Administration

Fun Fact: I've been swimming in Lake Michigan in February!

"I've made lifelong friends through Greek life, so I'm looking forward to guiding new women through recruitment as they find their fit in the UR Greek Community!"


Hometown: Richmond, VA

Major: Business Administration, Concentration in Marketing

Minor: Spanish

Fun Fact: I won a taco eating contest in 7th grade!

"I am SO excited to be a Rho Gamma because I know how amazing our Greek community is, and I want to be able to help incoming women find their place. My Rho Gamma helped me so much and made a huge impact on me, so I want to be that person for someone else."


Hometown: New York, NY 

Major: Global Studies: Development and Change & Leadership Studies

Minor: French 

Fun Fact: My dog’s name is Sparkle Rainbow McGuillicuty!

"I am excited to get to know younger women on campus through my Rho Gamma group and also to bond with my fellow Rho Gammas."

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