Panhellenic community expectations

The 2019 Panhellenic Council expects the 2020 Panhellenic community to:

community relations

Act purposefully to diminish competition and hostility among chapters and individuals in the Panhellenic community


Cultivate a diverse and inclusive community that speaks out against discriminatory and exclusive language or behavior


(a) Make our community, especially new members, aware of the full financial commitment associated with joining the community. This includes both required costs (e.g. dues) and additional/hidden costs (e.g. family dinners, t-shirts, recruitment attire, etc) (b) Work to reduce the additional/hidden costs associated with joining the community in order to foster a community inclusive of all financial backgrounds 


Uphold the 2019 Alcohol Resolution

Uphold the integrity of the Greek community 

social responsibility


Share these expectations with full chapter memberships, engaging in conversation and allowing for questions and comments

Actionable steps

We have laid out actionable steps that provide direction in carrying out our Community Expectations in the areas of Community Relations, Diversity/Equity/Inclusion, Financial, and Social Responsibility in order to create accountability in upholding our commitment to them.

community relations

  1. Follow Panhellenic guidelines in ordering apparel and paraphernalia 

  2. Follow Panhellenic guidelines in creating and using social media content and platforms

  3. Thoughtfully consider the PPC guiding questions when evaluating community conduct

  4. Remain cognizant of chapter member individuality to consciously avoid stereotyping based on chapter affiliation 

  5. Attend or responsibly host unconscious bias training (in respect to recruitment or other)

  6. Facilitate greater cross-chapter communication and conversation

    • Between chapter leaders in similar positions

    • Between member classes

    • Between chapter memberships in whole or in part


  1. Require that all six members of Panhellenic Executive Board and (at least) five members of each chapter leadership board undergo Safe Zone Training. Recommended chapter positions include President, Recruitment, New Member Education, and Standards

  2. Require that the primary chapter leadership board members for Recruitment and New Member Education undergo Trans Advocacy Training

  3. Present the chapter leadership’s experience at Safe Zone Training to the wider membership and encourage future attendance

  4. Discontinue the use of heteronormative and other exclusive language when discussing bringing guests to socials or other events

  5. Accept all styles of appropriate dress for chapter events (i.e. recruitment, socials), and welcome other non-gendered styles (i.e. pants, jumpsuit) to respect how members choose to express themselves

  6. Speak up against racist, sexist, transphobic, and all other offensive or discriminatory language or behaviors

  7. File bias-related incidents if necessary

  8. Ask for and respect the chosen name and pronouns of all students*


*We understand that chapters may use gendered language in ritual and need to adhere to those practices in ritual settings.


  1. Manage the dues structure to eliminate assessments, meaning all mandatory purchases (e.g. shirts for Recruitment, pins for Initiation) are included in the upfront cost

  2. Explain to members the value-add of a Greek experience and the cost-benefit of joining a Greek organization

  3. Present all costs of chapter membership to new members during the new member period, including non-required yet socially significant expenses such as off-campus meals, event-specific attire, or Beach Week

  4. Present chapter members with an overview of the chapter budget, to foster an understanding of the value and purpose of dues 

  5. Work to reduce the financial pressures of the Big/Little process 

  • Cooperate with the gift guidelines for the Big/Little process set forth by Panhellenic in the 2019 Alcohol Resolution 

  • Set aside a portion of the chapter budget to purchase gifts for the new member class

  • Have craft parties for Bigs to make thoughtful, low-cost gifts

  • Encourage Bigs to prioritize thoughtful and meaningful gifts over quantity or price

  • Emphasize the fact that excitement for one’s little should not be expressed through giving material items

Social responsibility

  1. Not participate in nor encourage members to attend unrecognized groups’ events, especially via chapter social media and/or messaging platforms

  2. Ensure that chapter members do not host nor attend post-Preference Night or Bid Day parties thereby upholding the commitment all sorority women make to remain substance-free until 24 hours after Bid Day

  3. Recognize and uphold the sanctity of chapters’ letters by not ordering nor passing down lettered apparel and paraphernalia to be used in inappropriate situations (i.e. drinking, illegal activities, etc)

  4. Do not haze. Support anti-hazing initiatives and report any instances of hazing  

  5. Ensure the continued awareness of the importance of mental health. Provide any and all resources that pertain to mental health to members

  6. Use accurate and respectful language when describing and discussing the UR Greek community 

  • Not describing unrecognized groups as “fraternities” or “sororities”

  • Not using “sororities” to refer to Panhellenic chapters or “fraternities” to refer to IFC chapters exclusively

  • Describing members of the Greek community as “men” and “women” rather than boys/guys/girls

Follow Through

Lastly, we have provided suggestions for how future councils may hold chapters accountable to engaging with and carrying out our Community Expectations.

  1. Create community standards in Presence to verify actions taken and gather data

  2. Set goals and assign check-in points for throughout the semester 

  3. Review and revise these expectations at the beginning of each calendar year to recognize the expectations and efforts of the previous community and leadership as well as to tailor them to the expectations and goals of the incoming leadership