Sorority Life and the Panhellenic Council
at University of Richmond

Becoming a member of the Greek system provides a number of experiences that help students engage in the University community and prepare for life after college. Greek life involvement has remained steady over the two decades since the original chapter were established. Around 52 percent of female students choose to join, mostly during their first year. We have six Panhellenic chapters and two NPHC sororities.

Involvement in Greek life helps students to:

  • develop leadership skills by chairing a committee or assuming an executive board position

  • succeed academically

  • participate in philanthropic efforts and service initiatives

  • increase their awareness and knowledge of topics, such as alcohol awareness, risk management liability

  • develop enduring friendships and memories

  • connect and develop relationships with alumni



At the University of Richmond, the Greek system provides members with vast opportunities for leadership responsibilities. Each member is encouraged to actively participate in campus-wide leadership roles. Greek members have the ability to participate in retreats, (inter)national conventions, and other campus opportunities, in addition to the learning and self-discovery associated with holding a leadership position.



The Greek system strives for the development of academic excellence among all members. All chapters at the University of Richmond adhere to a minimum GPA requirement to participate in the recruitment processes. There is a commonly held belief or stereotype that joining a fraternity or sorority is harmful to one's studies and grades. The University of Richmond reviews grade performance each semester for Greek-affiliated and non-Greek affiliated students. Comparative studies over the past years have shown that Greek organizations collectively have achieved an average above the all-female and all-male averages.


It is important to check with individual organizations for GPA requirements because standards vary between organizations.



Community service and philanthropy work are an important aspect of Greek life at the University of Richmond. Chapters offer hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars each year to fulfill their commitment to both the campus and the community. Funds raised and time donated directly benefit local and (inter)national charitable organizations. Members of all Greek organizations work collaboratively to benefit the community. All of these events encourage and foster personal commitment to the community and to others.


Social Life

The Greek system provides a unique social atmosphere, which blends events, formal dances, sporting events, theme parties and brotherhood and sisterhood functions to encourage the personal development of members. Each chapter develops its own social calendar and is encouraged to responsibly plan events which promote a full spectrum of social activities for its members.


Alumni Networking

Relationships with alumni are one of the unique aspects of Greek membership. Opportunities for mentoring, career networking, fundraising and collaborating with alumni are some of the most meaningful experiences that last for years after college. Each chapter has an officer and often committees dedicated to planning events to connect alumni with undergraduates.

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